Is a Fear of Flying stopping you enjoying life?

Fears and phobias can be debilitating and can get in the way of enjoying various aspects of our lives. This is particularly true of a fear of flying. A fear of flying can inhibit career development or prevent you from enjoying holidays.

One of my first clients would fly about 10-17 times a year for work despite a fear of flying. This left them traumatised with anxiety and uncontrollable shaking. They would be unable to eat, or even stand up and go to use the bathroom during a flight.

This client’s fear was so strong that even the medication prescribed by their GP could not help. They were left feeling that they would have to resign from their job, despite having a passion to see and explore the world.
Following completion of a bespoke treatment plan over a series of one to one sessions the big day came for the working holiday.

I was overjoyed to receive a text following their arrival saying how much they had enjoyed the flight, had watched a movie, and had been happy to walk up and down the plane. The fear of flying was a thing of the past and would not control their future.

If you have a fear of flying and want to be free of this phobia so that it no longer limits your career or enjoyment of the world, a series of sessions (typically 3) will usually be enough to allow you to fly with confidence for the rest of your life.

Perhaps you know someone who has a fear of flying? Put them in touch with me so that I can help.

Ed Francis