Thursday morning……. I roll over, grab my phone and press the alarm off. I decide to have a quick shower to shake the fog from my brain, throw on some borrowed fitness clothes and think ?’At least I look the part’ – that’s where it ends !

I grab my tablet and go into the increasingly popular ‘Zoom room’ and get ready for my host (Yulia) to let me in to her weekly Yoga class – Downward dog here I come !!!

We all mumble a sort of ‘Hi’ ( after all it is only 8.30 in the morning ) Some are even in the garden – I should probably try as the fresh air might invigorate me , but concerned the neighbours may peep over the fence and have a good laugh at my attempts of moving my various body parts where they don’t really want to go !

So…….. to start

Cat Pose – although not feeling very feline .


The Warrior – It definitely feels like I’m going into battle !!!


Onto the Cobra – How I wish my body was more ‘snakelike’ – instead of being as stiff as a board – which brings me to ….


The Plank – Not too bad at this , although I definitely feel a bit of a one ?
And so on and so on ……

BUT …. and there is a but , I am most certainly improving each week.

Thank you Yulia ?


Written by one of our Receptionists, Brenda. Due to other commitments Yulia isn’t running her Thursday yoga classes at the moment – please visit her facebook page for exercise videos and updates. Link to Yulia’s  FaceBook page