We are delighted to welcome Dr Sarah Bryan PhD to the Theale Wellbeing Team. Sarah and her team offer a unique therapy blend that is particularly aimed at women aged 35-45, who have had at least five years’ ongoing physical pain and are feeling robbed of quality time with their loved ones. Sarah will help them overcome their pain for good and stand tall, so that they can have their lives back and enjoy their quality time with renewed energy and purpose.


If you have pain in your body and want your life back, working with Sarah will help you:-

  • Resolve your current pain and physical limitations
  • Relearn how to stand tall and move with ease, so that the pain stays away
  • Renew your energy and vitality, so that you feel better than you have done in years and can create the life you want.

If you would like to book an appointment with Sarah contact her by phoning 01344 566312 or emailing