I have been working with Theale Wellbeing Centre in my capacity as Consultant Marketing Manager for the last few years. Some of you may have seen me (pre Covid) occasionally sat in Reception, but I am usually working from the office upstairs.

Over the last few weeks, I have been helping out on Reception – customer facing (mask in place) which has been a refreshing change from being ‘behind the scenes. It has been a pleasure helping patients’ book, change and attend appointments. Cleaning down has become second nature – at times I almost feel as if I am chasing patients out as I briskly escort them to the door and wipe everything down afterwards.

I was surprised how protective I felt of ‘my’ patients just because I had booked / rebooked them in. Although I have only done a few shifts one or two of our regular patients have started to recognise me which is lovely feeling.

It has also been interesting seeing how the clinic works from a different perspective. I have a greater insight into the customer journey and perhaps more knowledge about their interests.

It is said that having a change of scenery is good for our wellbeing and I would agree – I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting patients and working with therapist on the ‘front line’. I hope to be able to repeat this when we are able to welcome patients into reception whilst they wait for their appointments, then I will have more opportunity to chat.

To those who have had the ‘Christine’ experience – thank you very much for your patience!