For many, going through the menopause is an amazing experience.
Some however, can experience symptoms that they struggle with…

Homeopathy can help to rebalance your hormones and emotions.

  • Where are you at with your menopause?
  • Are you still ovulating regularly?
  • Are you keeping track of your symptoms?
  • Do you know whether you are perimenopausal?

The menopause affects us all differently… Some will be relatively unaffected by it, but others can develop irregular periods, night-waking, hot flushes, short-term memory loss and more. Some also experience emotions that come alongside those physical symptoms, such as anxiety or mood swings. We also know that people are being affected at a younger and younger age.

Homeopathy can be a huge help in rebalancing hormones as your body goes through one of the biggest changes of its life… It can help to reduce the severity of symptoms experienced, as well as the length of time we are affected by them. It can also help you to feel more accepting of the process as you progress through the stages. The remedies are gentle and can be taken alongside other treatments.

Our bodies are designed to live on for many years after the menopause. In fact, some would argue this is the time we are most free and confident to really enjoy life to the full, if symptoms aren’t holding us back!

… and if you are experiencing PMT, PMS or painful periods in the meantime, homeopathy can help with that too. So many of us accept the pain and discomfort we experience each month. Our bodies are designed to have periods, if we are struggling with them, it’s a sign that our bodies need support.

Alienor Lawrance, Homeopath

Testimonial from a previous client:

“After suffering with menopausal symptoms such as tiredness, brain fog and agitation, Ali prescribed remedies that after a few days made my mood and tiredness fade and my sharpness of mind return.

Ali’s warm and kind nature made me feel at ease and able to answer her questions comfortably.  I have every faith in Ali, as I felt she really listened to me, taking notice of my social, emotional and physical issues which enabled her to treat me in a truly holistic fashion.”

Katie, Berkshire

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