Performers using innovation to prevent injuries

vimovehopTheale Wellbeing Centre has recently invested in the innovative ViMovetm , cutting edge technology that measures movement extremely accurately to assess injuries and potential problem points in the body.

Students from Read Dance and Theatre College were some of the first to be assessed.

Read Dance and Theatre College are committed to keeping their students of both dance and theatre fit and healthy. As part of this commitment they are working with Theale Wellbeing Centre to address not only injuries but also identify potential problem areas that may lead to injury. The new ViMovetm assessment tool enables our therapists to identify the areas of the body that are contributing to a problem or that may actually cause a problem if not properly treated. The aim of the Read College is to have all students assessed by the end of the current term. Any issues will be addressed by a therapist with treatments or exercise plans. The students will then be reassessed after three to six months to monitor and track progress.

One of the key innovative elements of the ViMovetm is its flexibility. It can be used almost anywhere and for long lengths of time. This allows the therapist to monitor patients with particular problems whilst they are going about their daily routine. Read College is based in an old church in Reading – we set up the ViMovetm at the back of the church ready for our first patient.


Innovation helping dancer avoid injury


Applying sensors


Sensors on the back










The  ViMovetm provides objective data that allows the therapist to accurately assess, prevent and manage injuries. The data can also be used to create a tailored rehabilitation programme.  It works by attaching sensors to key points on the body then through a series of movements tracks and monitors how the patient uses their body. The information is then displayed in a series of graphs and diagrams.

The  ViMovetm has been used by elite athletes for quite some time including rugby, football and track and field sports men and women. It is now available to everyone particularly those who are in pain or those who have recurring injuries.

At Theale Wellbeing Centre we treat people as patients, not customers, and strive constantly for the best outcomes. We do this by applying proven, evidence-based treatments that are administered by fully qualified, regulated therapists at the top of their respective professions.

Theale Wellbeing Centre is located on High Street, Theale and serves Reading, Newbury, Calcot, Tilehurst, Pangbourne and other surrounding villages. As well as Podiatry/Chiropody we offer osteopathy, massage, counselling, acupuncture and other complimentary health therapies.

Read Dance and Theatre College have been helping talented young actors and dancers to hone their skills in the performing arts since 2001.

Michael Palfrey