Are you ready to try, or return to, a summer sport? Is your body ready for this increased activity?

At Theale Wellbeing we often see people who have been inspired to suddenly increase their activity with various sports only to develop an injury because they did too much too quickly. As long as the injury isn’t too severe it does at least have a positive side – when you come to us for treatment we can help you to not only recover from the injury but get your body ready for any increased activity.


We can make you stronger working with you and your body preparing for those tempting summer sports.

The key to increasing activity is to do it slowly. Build up gradually so that your body is getting stronger by degrees. Plan regular small steps of activity and keep to your plan – if you feel any discomfort or pain seek help before it become too serious.

Our therapists will work to help you recover from an injury and they will also help you to be stronger in your chosen activity. We have sports massage therapists, osteopaths, a physiotherapist and an acupuncturist all working with your to improve your wellbeing.

We work with a wide variety of individuals including:-

  • Runners
  • Tennis players
  • Cricketers
  • Athletes
  • Tri/Duathletes

Making your body stronger will improve your performance. Even if you don’t currently have an injury if you are thinking about increasing your activity, or have a few niggles that prevent you getting the best out of your activity, book an appointment with one of our therapist and see what a difference they can make.

Call our reception team to book your appointment today.