Is working from home a pain in the neck (or back)?

We have had a number of calls from patients who are experiencing various issues associated with working from home. Never mind the distractions of unruly pets and bored children, many people have had to improvise a workstation involving their dining table and a hard chair. In some instances, this is leading to numb bums, sore back and stiff necks. In extreme circumstances it is causing sufficient discomfort to prevent people from working.

We have been testing a variety of chairs and have found one product in particular that is very comfortable, offers great support for the spine, is extremely easy to adjust and is very affordable. The exciting news is that we are so impressed that we will be offering these chairs for sale to our patients at Theale Wellbeing Centre when we reopen.

Please remember that, whilst having a good chair is a key component to avoiding workstation related discomfort, there are a number of other things you can do to reduce the stresses and strains from prolonged periods sitting in front of a computer. These include taking regular breaks (every 15 – 20 minutes), drinking plenty of water, having an eye test to avoid eye strain and headaches and asking for help if you are feeling overwhelmed by stress or pain. Our clinic may currently be closed but we are still available to offer you advice and guidance if you are struggling.