Patella tendinopathy (commonly referred to as “Jumper’s knee”)

This is characterised by localised pain just below the kneecap. This area can be very tender to touch, painful during sporting activity and stiff and achy after exercise. Jumper’s knee is an over-use injury associated with lots of running, kicking or jumping, especially if there are associated problems with the quadriceps muscles, foot biomechanics or training techniques.

Patella tendinopathy is associated with lots of strain on the tendon over a prolonged period which leads to degeneration of the collagen fibres which form the tendon. This is slightly different from patella tendinitis which infers a more acute inflammation of the tendon and can often settle with anti-inflammatory medication, the application of ice and a short period of rest.


In this video I will explain how shockwave therapy works on this condition.

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Michael Palfrey


Michael graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1994 having decided at the age of 14 that he wanted to be an osteopath. He has gained considerable experience through working in a wide variety of practices in a number of different locations. He started Pangbourne Osteopathic Clinic shortly after he qualified and gradually built a busy and well-known practice. Having moved to Theale in 2010, the practice has continued to grow and is a very exciting place to work. He enjoys treating a wide range of people and has a particular interest in patients who have acute back or neck pain and sports injuries. He also treats a lot of chronic tendon problems using Shockwave Therapy. He is a consulting osteopath for Read Dance and Theatre College and is rapidly increasing his knowledge of dance related injuries.