Loving Lockdown

Wow, where have the last 10 weeks gone?! I went into isolation with Lily a week before the lockdown instructions were give to us. I must admit, at first I was petrified. How was I going to entertain Lily for a week let alone 10! We started with a schedule of PE with Joe at 9am, that lasted all of 2 days, followed by our daily walk (that’s a must!!), lunch (why does my daughter dislike eating!!) and then playtime (one day we had created Lilys nursery in the garden and pretending it was on fire!!) It was going to be a long week let alone it materialising into ten! My husband was still working for the first week until the golf club had to temporarily close. He was due to start a new job on the 30th March, which of course hasn’t happened however, he got a job delivering pizzas at our local Dominos to help support the family! Hero!!

I will admit, there have been a few trying times with our daughter but it was mainly because she misses her family and friends. I remember one day we were out for a bike ride and she just stopped and broke down into tears because she was missing everyone so much. From the start, Lily understood their was a ‘nasty virus’ as she calls it and we had to stay at home. The hardest thing to explain was, when the lockdown was over that things wouldn’t be normal for a while or we had to find a new normal.

Before the lockdown, I was working A LOT! I was getting some serious mum guilt as I felt like I was just sending Lily to childcare and not spending enough time with her. She is going to be starting school in September and I felt like my little girl was growing up so fast and I was missing it. So for us as a family, this lockdown has been a blessing in disguise. We have had the time as a family we needed. One of my dear friends has always said to me, the best place for a child to develop is to be at home with their family and she is right. It has helped us understand Lilys emotions, we have been able to help teach her things through play and most importantly, we’ve had fun! However, it has also shown us, how much her childcare settings had taught her and I can’t thank them enough. One day we were out for a walk and she described exactly the process of bees making honey! Myself and Ben were speechless!!!

Some people are keen for the lockdown to be over and things try to return to normal. For me personally, I’m not. I’ve loved the last 10 weeks in our little bubble. I’ve enjoyed our daily walks to see the ducks, watching Lily learning to ride a bike, setting her a challenge of riding/ running 26 laps of our close to raise over £1200 for the Alzheimer’s Society, not being reliant on coffee because I’m getting good sleep and most importantly not rushing here there and everywhere!

The lockdown has taught us many things as a family and it has also helped us make some major decisions. Most of all, it’s made us realise, how important it is to spend time as a family. I fear that once things return to ‘normal’ it will be easy for people to return to their old ways, so going forwards, although we are super excited for Lily to have a sleepover with a family member when it’s safe to, so we can get a long lie in, the weekends will be for us to spend as a family. Whether it’s doing a parkrun together or going for a nice long walk or sitting at home cuddled on the sofa watching a film, the weekend will be our family bubble time. I will make sure I’m at all her after school clubs, because seeing her get a new badge or certificate and more importantly having fun, is the best feeling in the world and no offence to all my wonderful clients, it’s a much better feeling than helping you walk out of the clinic pain free! Ohhh and one final thing we will be having one big family party, when it is safe to do so to celebrate everyone’s birthday because Zoom birthday parties just aren’t the same!!!

Abby Fudge, Osteopath