Ed overcomes his fear of spiders

Spider Phobia

Did you know that only a very small number of the larger species of British spiders have fangs even capable of penetrating human skin according to the British Arachnologial Society?

So why are some humans so afraid of spiders and more importantly what can they do to overcome this fear?

Here at Theale Wellbeing Clinic we have the solution. A series of tailored therapy sessions with our Hypnotherapist, Ed Francis, who himself overcame a fear of spiders. Ed, who is now the proud keeper of two tarantulas, will take you through easy steps and coping mechanisms to overcome your fear. And, just to prove it, at the end of the programme of treatments you will get the opportunity to hold one of his pet tarantulas.

Ed has recently written a series of blogs about spiders – in the first one he tells his own story about overcoming his fear.  Read More


His second blogs gives some hints and tips about ridding your home of spiders – follow this link for more information.

And his third & final blog is about an nlp technique to help relieve anxiety – read more here.

And if you are really interested in identifying a particular UK spider – check out this website http://www.uksafari.com/spiders.htm where they are 64 images of British spiders.