Keep on moving

With so much visual entertainment available it is so tempting to just sit on the sofa and escape into the world of visual media. So how can you motivate yourself to keep moving?

We’ve done a bit of research and come up with a range of activities for you to do during lockdown. They help to keep your body in good shape as well as helping with your wellbeing.

The NHS has put together some great hints and tips for any ability just follow this link.


Over 60? Try these well thought through exercises from Age UK


Do you like to dance? Newbury Corn Exchange have put together some great routines these are two of our favorites:-

There are all sorts of other things you can do to keep you mobile – a few of our tips:-

  • Get up and stretch between programs
  • Take a walk around the room during advert breaks
  • If possible change seats – perhaps move to the kitchen to watch something on the internet and save the lounge for specific films or programs.
  • Create a list of the programs you REALLY want to watch and when and limit yourself to those
  • Take a break – if you can take a walk around the garden
  • Do a session of activity every day
  • Listen to plays/stories/music whilst your exercising

So don’t just keep your mind occupied get your body going too.