MaternityBack from Maternity Leave

Naomi has been with us since we opened in 2010, offering clinical sports and remedial massage to our patients.

Sports massage can aid with neck, back and shoulder pain, tension headaches and joint and muscular pain and injury.  We also offer pre and post event massage, k taping and general maintenance treatment.

In the summer of 2017 Naomi studied with Burrell education, the UK’s leading educator in the field of modern pregnancy, post baby, female fitness and bodywork therapies, to become certified in pre and post natal massage therapy.

The aim of pregnancy and post natal massage is to relax, nurture and support you, throughout your pregnancy journey, from your second trimester and into your fourth trimester, the postnatal period.

The aims of pregnancy massage are to help to get you out of pain and discomfort, help to relieve common pregnancy conditions and to help combat the tightening and shortening of the myofascial front line, associated with pregnancy posture.

Postnatal massage aims to aid recovery, help combat the pregnancy and feeding posture.  Improve your recovery post C-section, and your Diastasis Recti (tummy gap).  It also aids to reconnect your core and improve your breathing technique.

Both pregnancy and postnatal massage aim to improve relaxation and give you that all important me time.

Naomi’s passion for female wellness and bodywork has continued to grow and she is furthering her knowledge with the Breathe Better course from Burrell Education.

This course is about using manual therapy strategies, corrective exercises and integrating function back into the diaphragm to allow you to breathe and move better.

The diaphragm can become dysfunctional from the effects of pregnancy, C-section, abdominal surgery, asthma, POP, constipation, stress and back pain.  When there is dysfunction in the diaphragm a number of the body’s systems are affected.

In June this year Naomi will also be attending the Burrell Education C-section, hysterectomy, and abdominal scar immersion soft tissue therapy course.

Naomi is back in clinic now, to book an appointment or to ask further questions please contact reception on 0118 930 3535.