What is a Neurovascular Assessment?

It is a painless examination of the blood supply, nerve endings and structure of the foot. It may also involve examining any underlying problems such as dermatological, injuries, biomechanical or even footwear issues as well as the general wellbeing of the patients feet.

At Theale Wellbeing Centre


We take foot health very seriously and in order to ensure that we provide as thorough a service as possible we are carrying out a Neurovascular assessment on our patient’s blood and nerve supply to the feet.

From June all new podiatry/chiropody patients have had the quality of the blood supply in their feet assessed using ultrasound technology. This will help to ensure that the circulation to the feet is adequate. The nerve testing will check that the feet are experiencing normal sensations and respond appropriately to external stimulus.

All testing is completely pain free and may help to identify possible issues such as diabetes, an irregular heart beat, greater risk of falls etc so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure your continued wellbeing.

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Lloyd Clark-Morris Podiatrist | Director