Nail Reconstruction is now available with a NEW product

Mandy and Ali are pleased to announce that they are able to offer nail reconstruction once again.  They are now using a new and more advanced product, called Pedisafe, which gives a lovely, natural look.  However, nail varnish can be applied on top, if you prefer a bit of colour. As always, they use a medical model when applying the reconstruction in order to eliminate the risk of cross infection.

PediSafe, developed in Canada by Fanair Cosmetics, is a remodelling, nail enhancing and correction system.

How Does it work?

A flexible gel is applied in layers to the nail bed that recreates the appearance of a nail. Because of its flexibility the new ‘nail’ is able to cope with the every day stresses our feet go through. In addition this flexibility allows the gel to grow with the nail. The new nails can be left natural or polish can be added for a colourful effect.

What are the benefits?

Whilst the main benefit is cosmetic this product also helps to promote healthy nail regrowth. At this time of the year with summer upon us having healthy looking tow nails can be a real boost to our confidence and wellbeing.

Who can benefit?

Anyone suffering from the following can benefit from toe nail reconstruction:-

  • Thick and/or discoloured nails
  • Cracked/broken nails
  • Fungal nails
  • Missing nails

How long do they last?

On average the new ‘nails’ will last about 6-8weeks depending on the base nail. If there is no nail at all then it is probable that it will only last a few days. You can however use a hypoallergenic nail glue to reattach it for special occasions.

Mandy & Ali are happy to discuss your individual needs – give us a call to make an appointment.

Ali & Mandy