Verrutop Verruca Treatment

Most of us know what a problem Verrucas can be. They can be painful or cause embarrassment and often they are at risk of spreading. In some cases they will resolve on their own but often stubborn Verrucas will need treatment to get rid of them.

Up until recently the Podiatry team at the Theale Wellbeing Centre have only offered one treatment for problematic Verrucae, the SWIFT microwave treatment.

While we have been very happy with the success of this treatment it was not suitable for everyone. Sometimes due to age, medical history, or an inability to cope with the discomfort at the time of treatment, the microwave method was not appropriate.

We are now pleased to offer a new alternative method that is suitable to those unable to have the microwave treatment, Verrutop. It is worth noting that while Verrutop is relatively new the ingredients of Verrutop, such as Nitric acid, copper and zinc, are not new to the treatment of Verrucas at all but, in fact, have been used for many years.

The treatment is very safe, generally painless and can even be used on children as young as 6 years old. It involves the application of a solution to the surface of the Verruca while in clinic. There is no need for any injections or pain relief.

Usually approximately 4 treatments are necessary, spaced fortnightly although up to 6 treatments can be given. At this early stage we cannot comment specifically on how effective this treatment is but early evidence is very promising.

If you would like more information on this treatment, please contact the Theale Wellbeing Centre and we will arrange one of our podiatrists who specialises in verruca treatment to contact you.