Emergency Home Visits brings out Patients Ingenuity

As you can imagine it takes careful planning and preparation to make a home visitor for emergency footcare with all the PPE that is required as well as putting it on and taking it off.  This week I made a home visit to Mr & Mrs Keith who were very well prepared. Mr Keith is a retired engineer that put his skills to good use and made this ingenious screen.  They sat in the kitchen – safe and sound and I was in the utility room.

I love that even in these difficult times people can still be so clever at making things safe for everyone. I really appreciate anything that makes my job easier, but I don’t expect this at every home!

Mandy Morris

We are currently offering emergency appointments for foot care at the clinic – from July 1st we will be offering a wider range of services including osteopathy and physiotherapy.  There will be a lot of changes at the clinic, we ask that you don’t use the toilets except in an emergency, the waiting room is not available so we will ask you to wait in your car until you are called into the clinic. If you have any concerns about your appointment contact us and we will talk you through the new processes and procedures.