Pregnancy massage and Post-natal Therapies

We offer a variety of treatments to relax, nurture and support you throughout your pregnancy journey, from your second trimester, into your fourth trimester, the postnatal period, and beyond.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage aims to relax and refresh you, by improving your wellbeing.   We aim to soothe and reduce your pain and discomfort caused during pregnancy and help to reduce common pregnancy conditions, and help to combat the tightening and shortening of the myofascial frontline, associated with the pregnancy posture.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal massage addresses any aches and pains that you are concerned about, and corrects your breathing pattern, which can be affected by the change in your posture during pregnancy.  Massage therapy helps to improve your recovery, combat the pregnancy and feeding posture and reduce your diastasis (tummy gap), all helping you to reconnect with your core and yourself after the stresses and strains that pregnancy places on you.

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Naomi Qualters-Fry BSc Hons, ISRM

Clinical sports massage therapist,

Pregnancy & postnatal soft tissue therapist

Scar massage therapist

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