If you have visited the clinic recently you will have seen the new display we have in reception. Our team have chosen a group of products that we believe are good for your wellbeing.

We have recently introduced Cartonica which is a professional liquid joint supplement. It was originally formulated for use in clinics to deliver more nutrients than tables and easier to swallow. Liquid supplements are more quickly and efficiently absorbed into the body.

Other products include:

Gerwol Foot Cream use for dry/rough skin which is easily absorbed. The mint version is particularly nice in the summer due to its cooling / refreshing benefits.

CCS cream for use on feet – a heavier duty product that isn’t as easily absorbed.

Lamisil once cream – a single dose treatment for athlete’s foot.

Limasil Spray a daily treatment for athlete’s foot

Osteopathic Cold Packs – the name says it all.

Clinisept spray – anti-mircobial skin cleanser, gentle enough to use on sensitive skin without causing irritation.

Surgical Spirit – an antibacterial liquid that helps to stop the spread of athlete’s foot.

If you need any of these products just pop in and purchase them from our reception.