Spider Phobia Busting – SUCCESS!!

On Tuesday 26th September we saw a first for Theale Wellbeing Centre when Ed Francis ran a Spider Phobia Busting event complete with live spiders. Ed, who himself has overcome a fear of spiders, is now the proud owner of 10 spiders (including tarantulas), decided to share his own success with others who have the same phobia. Before the course even started the team at Theale Wellbeing Centre were fascinated with Eds pets. So Ed had some perhaps slightly nervous but curious testers who all had a little ‘hold’ of a tarantula or two.

The course ran from 6-8pm, with a good selection of people with varying degrees of fear levels. It began with a presentation explaining some of the key facts and figures of spiders and giving plenty of information to bust a few myths. After a short tea break Ed then went to work teaching some techniques to the group to help them overcome their fear of spiders.

It was a group decision to start off by holding a small garden spider which EVERYONE did. Then they went for one of the biggest tarantulas, Aphrodite & Penelope (yes they all have names).

“I was extremely proud of every single person who came on the course and they all did very well. I even had a video sent to me of someone who saw a small spider at home after the course and picked it up.” Said Ed.







The course at Theale Wellbeing Centre will be on the last Tuesday of every month from 6-8pm with the next spider phobia course running on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

A few places have already been booked and spaces are limited so please do get in touch if you want to come along. Book your spot here…

Or contact Ed for more information

info@edfrancishypnotherapy.co.uk or call 07809 728 185