Take a virtual trip to the beach to relieve tension

Ed Francis takes you on a soothing and relaxing virtual trip to the beach of your dreams via this video.  With soothing music and some lovely images Ed’s video will your help to relieve any stress you are feeling either because you are spending a lot of time at your computer or just worried about the current challenging times. As you take each step in your mind you will feel the tension leaving your body and a sense of true relaxation taking over.

Ed Francis is a Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in the Reading and Berkshire area.

He specialises in smoking addiction and depression and anxiety issues, working alongside several GPs. However, hypnotherapy can also support other concerns including weight loss, fears and phobias, sleep problems and other medical issues.

As well as offering talking sessions, psychotherapy and/or counselling as well as hypnotherapy. He is also hosting fun regular sessions via his Facebook page.