The New Normal

I returned back into my clinic on the 1st June after implementing all the new procedures and protocols for legal and safety reasons. I have now done two full weeks of working and I can only explain it as ‘ the new normal ’!!
Before we could return to work, vital CPD and webinars on COVID had to be watched. Risk assessments and new procedures had to be created. PPE had to be sourced and bought that was at the correct type as in the guidance issued by the Institute of Osteopathy, Public Health England and the World Health Organisation.
So going into my third week of returning to work what is it like…

The PPE routine (donning and doffing) becomes second nature, I am now a domesticated goddess and have got the cleaning routine down to a T!!!

Although some clients have been dubious about coming in for treatment due to the current situation, I am taking the time to explain what happens to triage each client…
  • A phone call the morning of their appointment to check for any COVID symptoms and their general health
  • Temperature check when they enter the clinic.
Each client is also asked to either wear gloves or sanitise their hands before entering the clinic and if they aren’t wearing a mask, they are given one and told how to dispose of it correctly once leaving the clinic.

The downside to us wearing PPE, is the ‘PPE Hangover’ as I describe it. I personally have had to reduce the hours that I work because of the headache and tiredness. Four hours is enough when it comes to breathing in your own hot air due to the mask. After one day of wearing it, I created a social media thanking the frontline workers and all key workers who have had to wear PPE day in and day out to help save us and our NHS. I take my hat off to you all.

I would like to take this time to say thank you to the Theale Wellbeing Clinic for all their support to myself and my colleagues and for all that they doing to get the clinic back open on the 1st July. Just managing myself in my clinic has been a headache in itself but what they are doing to make it safe for the staff, practitioners and clients is incredible so thank you.
Abby Fudge, Osteopath