Hypnotherapy and Podiatry – Therapists Working in Harmony

Last summer a mother and daughter visited Lloyd (Senior Podiatrist) at the Theale Wellbeing Centre with a problem. The problem was in the form of verrucas on the right heel and a wart on her hand.

While the cluster of verrucas was a little uncomfortable it was the sight of the wart on her hand that gave the daughter the most concern.

This 13 year old and her mother were convinced that the new SWIFT microwave was the best option for treating the verrucas, they had heard that the treatment was likely to be painful. Despite assurances that any pain would be very short lived i.e. a couple of seconds with no lingering pain, this patient got very anxious at the thought of treatment.

To help her deal with her anxiety Lloyd ask Ed our Hypnotherapist to assist. Ed used his skills as a hypnotherapist to distract her so that a full course of treatment could be performed.

We are pleased to announce that all verrucas treated have now gone and most importantly, the wart on her hand has also disappeared. The young women has gained skills from Ed in helping her to deal with stressful situations in the future.

This was a wonderful result gained through the determination of the patient and the teamwork of Lloyd and Ed.

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Lloyd Clark-Morris, Podiatrist

Ed Francis, Hypnotherapist