Our fully trained and experienced therapists are able to provide a thorough Bio-mechanical assessment for those who are suffering from foot pain or other discomfort where that discomfort is thought to be due to poor foot function or biomechanics.

Common Conditions

These include:-

  • Heel Pain i.e. Plantar Fasciitis
  • Forefoot pain i.e. Neuroma, Bursitis
  • Ankle pain
  • Calf or Achilles pain such as tendinitis
  • Discomfort in the front of the leg i.e. shin splints
  • Anterior knee pain

A wide range of individuals can benefit from these assessments including anyone who enjoys sport, children, individuals with physically demanding jobs, keen walkers in fact anyone who is suffering pain in their feet or legs.

The Assessment involves

Our usual thorough history taking – where we look to get as much information from you as possible related to your general health and lifestyle as well as specific information surrounding the problem itself.

Non weight bearing assessment – helping to identify the structures that are struggling or damaged.

Weight bearing assessment – to asses how your foot manages loading when you are on your feet.

Gait assessment – looking at how your body moves when you are walking.

Running assessment – this video analysis will only take place for those who are runners and will usually involve a ViMoveTM Assessment – follow this link for more information on ViMove.


Following the above assessments our podiatrists will analyse the data obtained and use this to provide a management plan to treat the problem. Treatment will usually involve a number of the following components:

Exercises – you will be sent videos demonstrating exercises that are designed to stretch or strengthen muscles and tendons that are currently not allowing you to function properly.

Advice – this may take many forms from advice on footwear to suggestions regarding training drills.

Orthoses – when the body needs either a temporary or permanent artificial aid to improve foot function orthoses or shoe inserts may be necessary.

Strapping – taping muscles can often provide the support necessary to give pain relief.


£100 per session