Onychomycosis more commonly known as ‘Fungal Nail’ is the same infection as Athletes Foot but is located under the toe nails.

While tablets may work for up to 40% of patients, GP’s are often reluctant to prescribe them as they can have severe side effects.

Other topical solutions can be very effective when they come into contact with the fungus but they are rarely able to clear the infection. This is because they can not reach the infection as it is usually on the ‘nail bed’ underneath the nail.

At Theale Wellbeing Centre we use the Clearanail treatment of drilling groups of small holes into the infected nail allowing the topical solution to reach the infected tissue underneath. The procedure is completely safe, relatively painless and quick.

This video tells you more about Clearanail.


Initial Appointment: £65 including test

Treatments : £90 per treatment