The Mézières Method was created in 1947 by a French Physiotherapist Françoise Mézières. The Mezieres Method treats the person from a global perspective and it is designed to find out in the general imbalance of our whole musculature the contracted or retracted muscles and to work their pathological expressions.

Through stretching the retracted muscle chains, removing respiratory compensations and improving body awareness the treatments aims to restore the global mobility and function. It always requires the active participation of the patient.

Why choose Mezieres Method?

Anyone with back pain can find relief with this treatment. However, the most common conditions treated are:

  • Chronic muscular fatigue of lower/upper back and neck.
  • Disc injuries: annular strain, disc prolapse, herniation.
  • Consequences of developmental scoliosis
  • Hyperlordosisand hyperkyphosis of the spine.

Each session is totally adapted to the person and lasts for one hour, approximately.