The ViMove™ provides objective data that allows the therapist to accurately assess, prevent and manage injuries. The data from this assessment tool can also be used to create a tailored rehabilitation programme.  It works by attaching sensors to key points on the body then through a series of movements tracks and monitors how the patient uses their body. The information is then displayed in a series of graphs and diagrams.

The ViMove™ has been used by elite athletes for quite some time including rugby, football and track and field sports men and women. It is now available to everyone particularly those who are in pain or those who have recurring injuries.

This is an great tool if you are looking to improve your performance and is a good aid for runners, duathelites and triathelites. The sensors can be worn whilst running, cycling or exercising to measure muscle activity and is particularly useful for anyone who has recurring injuries.

As well as athletes ViMove™ is useful for anyone who is involved in heavy lifting in the workplace. The sensors can usually be worn in the workplace environment measuring muscle use and identifying any potential weak points.


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