Giving your body an MOT

It is recommended by manufacturers and mechanics that cars should be serviced every 12000 miles. For some people that would be once a year for others it might be every 6 months it all depends on how many miles you drive. A new train of thought about cars with low mileage is that they can be as risky to buy, as they don’t get used enough, as a car with high mileage.

The same could be said for your body. There are those of us who have very active lifestyles, it could be a job that requires a lot of physical effort or a very active hobby. Then there are those who are more sedate either through lifestyle choices or jobs that require them to sit at a computer all day.

How ever you use your body it will certainly benefit from regular treatments. This is especially true for the over forties. Regular treatments help the body to maintain an even wellness and helps you to avoid the peaks and troughs of feeling well and then developing aches and pains that require intensive treatment.

So what do our therapists recommend for regular maintenance: –

Osteopathy – ‘Check-ups’ every three to six months

Acupuncture – Weekly or two weekly treatments are recommended for optimum health benefits.

Massage – Depending on how stressful your life is then monthly or two monthly massages are most beneficial.

Physiotherapy – ‘Check-ups’ every three to six months .

Podiatry – This very dependent on how quickly your nails grow – some people need treatments every 4 weeks and others every 4 months – you and your podiatrist can access this.

We send out regular reminders via email for those patients who haven’t been to see us for more than six months.

Call our reception team to book your Body MOT.