Often when we are contacted about booking a first appointment with one of the chiropody/podiatry team we are asked questions about what to expect. In order to help answer the questions this blog outlines what you should and shouldn’t experience during your initial chiropody/podiatry appointment with us.

What will be done during an appointment

A routine appointment will focus on what you would like us to do but will also include anything that we think needs doing subject to your consent. This usually means that nails are cut and filed and where thickened they will be thinned. Callus will be reduced and any corns will be taken out. All of these activities will be pain free. In addition the podiatrist that you will see will always look to pass on as much relevant information as possible to put you in the best position to keep your feet looking and feeling as good as possible

How long will the appointment last?

The initial appointment can last up to 45 minutes. The reason why the appointment  is longer is that we will ask you about your medical history, including details of any medication you are taking. In addition we will carry out a few assessments on your feet to check your blood supply and quality of nerve sensations.

Will the appointment hurt

It is very rare for the experience to be painful. If you are attending because of something that is painful e.g. an ingrowing toe nail or an ulcer, the treatment may be a little uncomfortable but this will be minimised as much as possible and you will be advised in advance.

After your appointment you will also have the opportunity to purchase some of the products we use. 

Call us if you would like to make an appointment with one of our podiatrist – footcare is important for everyone.

Lloyd Clark-Morris Senior Podiatrist/Director