Can I get verruca treatment in Reading?

Can I get verruca treatment in Reading
Yes, here at Theale Wellbeing Centre just off Junction 12 of the M4.

What is a verruca (Wart)?

A verruca or wart, is a virus that lies between the layers of your skin. At best they are inconvenient, but they can become very painful and will often spread as they are highly contagious. They normally appear on the feet or around the toe area and appear as little black spots under hard skin. They are often painful like standing on a needle.

Who gets them?

Almost any one can get them. As they are very contagious it is easy to pick them from family members, at swimming pools or changing rooms etc.

What treatments are available?

We offer two main treatments which are:-

Verrutop is relatively new, however, the ingredients of Verrutop, such as Nitric acid, copper and zinc, are not new to the treatment of Verrucas at all but, in fact, have been used for many years.

The treatment is very safe, generally painless and can even be used on children as young as 6 years old. It involves the application of a solution to the surface of the Verruca while in clinic. There is no need for any injections or pain relief. For more information follow this link.

SWIFT is a new technology that uses microwave energy delivered into the skin through a special probe applied to the skin to activate the body’s immune system to destroy the Verruca virus. For more information follow this link.

If you have a stubborn verruca book an appointment to get it assessed by calling 0118 930 3535.