Help to avoid winter sports injuries to the knees

Most winter sports injuries are to the lower extremities and the bulk of those involve damage to the knees. A lot of knee injuries occur through falling or when landing a jump. Whilst it may not be possible to prevent all of these injuries from occurring, many of them are avoidable.

Don’t forget skiing, snowboarding etc., are strenuous exercises that your body needs to prepare for.

Here at Theale Wellbeing Centre, near Reading, we use cutting-edge ViMove technology to assess the factors which determine how prone you might be to suffering a knee injury and, from that data, we can advise you on how you can minimise the risk and prescribe exercises to improve the strength, stability and control of the knee joints.

Each appointment takes 30 minutes and this includes the assessment; interpretation and explanation of the results; advice on injury prevention and the prescription of exercises where necessary. You will be given a copy of your report and the exercises are emailed to you. ViMove assessments are performed by our team of osteopaths and sports massage therapists and cost just £70. Call us on 0118 930 3535 to book your appointment today.

Michael Palfrey, Principal Osteopath / Director