With the start of the running season upon us perhaps you are training for the Reading Half Marathon or some other race?

Hopefully your training is going to plan, slowly increasing your mileage week by week and once you hit your longest run you will taper down in preparation for the half marathon.

Sports massage is a fantastic way to aid your training; it can help you recover between training sessions by increasing blood flow to the muscles, improving flexibility, increasing range of movement and decreasing muscle stiffness. This all helps to reduce recovery time and prevent injury, meaning that you can train more effectively and therefore improve your performance.

You are already putting in the training, battling through the relentless rain and flooding, don’t let a late injury ruin all that hard work you have put in, book in to see a Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist today.

Whatever event you are training for throughout the year Sports massage can help you, for further information or advice please speak to one of our therapists.

Naomi Qualters-Fry