Around 1 in 4 pregnant women in the UK has a caesarian birth, without addressing the resulting scar with soft tissue techniques, dysfunction can occur.  Scar tissue can bind to local organs and tissues, causing that pulling feeling that some women can experience around the site of the scar.  It can also result in scar pain, back pain, pelvic organ dysfunction, poor sensation/numbness around the scar and a feeling of restriction as the wound heals and soft tissues are drawn in, affecting the body as a whole.  This is also the case for hysterectomy and any abdominal surgery.

Scar therapy is a treatment that combines massage and soft tissue release techniques to correct your breathing pattern and break down the adhesions that build up around your scar.  This is so important to allow your body to move freely, without restriction and to help you to reconnect with your core and heal post birth.

It doesn’t matter if you had your baby 6 weeks or 20 years ago, it is never too late to make change, to improve the changes that occurred to your body during pregnancy, after birth or abdominal surgery.


45 minute session £55